Starting the Work

Depending on the scope of work being undertaken in the project, you may be living in your home during the renovation.  If that is the case, most contractors will insist that the areas that will be worked in must be completely emptied of all belongings.

Be prepared for “Dust’!  No matter what precautions the contractors take, dust always finds a way of getting everywhere.  Manage your expectations right from the very beginning and you will minimize your frustration.

Remember, it is always going to get ‘ugly’ before the transformation becomes a reality.  Keep telling yourself that the short term upheaval of your home is a very small blip in the big picture.

You are not only getting into a new relationship with the contractor and his trades, but you are also getting into a new relationship with your spouse.  There will be times of great frustration.  Talking daily about what progress was made and how you can already start to visualize the finished product will ease the stress.  

Keep repeating “Short term pain, Long term gain”! ohm