The Value of a General Contractor

Before you start dismantling the room(s) it is best to take the time to know as many things that you want to achieve with the completed renovation. Whether it is a new bathroom, kitchen, developing the basement, etc. Knowing what your needs are for the space and putting as much detail into your scope of work will greatly streamline the process once the work begins. Once you have that done, you will have a better idea of whether this will be a DIY or if you will be needing to hire a General Contractor.

Often, a client conceptualizes the finished product, but doesn’t appreciate all the things that are never seen within the walls, ceilings and floors.  Things like structural, plumbing, electrical, routing of ducts, etc.  There is a lot of knowledge required in these area’s and all of them must meet code or they could affect your home insurance. This is where the experience of a General Contractor can be invaluable. They can bring to your project, their expertise to ensure you get a finished product that is built right and should give you years of enjoyment. Some offer their own design team and engineering services.  While others will suggest you hire your own.

If anything is going to be modified in your home in respect to structural or Mechanical systems, new door or window sizes and locations, you most likely will be required to pull a permit for the work prior to the job starting.  Often, the City will require stamped drawings from an engineer and scaled elevation drawings.

Once your permit application is approved, you can start work.  Most permits require that you complete the work within a year of approval.

Good luck!